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How It Works

Selling your home as-is, fast, and for cash is as simple as 1-2-3.

Our Value To You

We help homeowners in difficult situations sell their house in as soon as 2 weeks. We will buy your property as-is for cash, pay closing costs, avoid foreclosure, build your credit back up, so you can move on and enjoy life.


Who we are

  • Parents of 4 children

  • Leaders in our church

  • Local real estate investors

  • Active in the community

  • Love spending family time

  • Originally from Puerto Rico

  • Our pet is a turtle - “Tutu”

  • Currently live in Killeen, TX

  • Have veterans in our family

  • We are in our 30’s

  • And want to help you!

John L.

“Thanks to you we were able to sell our house and move to a better place. Hector even helped me renew my driver’s license so that I could complete the transaction. Much appreciated.”

Mary T.

“Hector was very professional and fast. He sent the contract to title company and within 2 weeks we had closed on the house.”

Kenya W.

“I liked working with the guys at Real Estate Rises because they were transparent and they kept me posted on the status of the close. The people at the title company were also very kind.”

Contact Us

We are here to help you every step of the way. We can help best when we understand your specific situation.

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